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5th November 2013

Chinese cyloastragenol capsules denounced by Mackenzie Protocol

British pioneer of a telomere activator at www.mackenzieprotocol.com is fed up with vested interests and closed shop mentality

Tony Mackenzie is the owner of The Mackenzie Protocol and 21st Century Alternatives at www.21stcenturyalternatives.com and he has vehemently denounced sellers of cycloastragenol capsules containing cheap fillers and the dubious quality of capsule contents.

He claims that, amidst all the hype over cycloastragenol, some Chinese sellers distributing to the West are taking advantage of buyers who judge products on price instead of true value.

He claims that the cycloastragenol powder inside many Asian supplied capsules are issued with fraudulent certification supposedly claiming that the contents have been verified by a USA source.

"There is something going on here that I don't understand" he says, because the certifier in question privately told me that the certificates being published by a certain Chinese supplier were "fraudulent." I am not lying I have the email from them to prove it."

He goes on to say "However, it is strange that when I attempted to set up a supply line from them they wouldn't give me permission to publish their own certificate for the products they were going to supply to us or to publish their claim about the Chinese supplier because, they claimed, they didn't want "controversy" and henceforth have declined to deal with me or reply to my emails since I wrote to their CEO. Naturally, I then sourced the raw powder for our capsules elsewhere at a different USA verified source."

"Many strange goings on like this have occurred since we pioneered HTA98™ in 2010 and have shown that there has been a closed shop mentality operating for some years over this substance with manipulation by vested interests" he believes that this mentality has also been behind a number of libelous and untrue postings on the Internet since that time." he claims.

He also reaffirms that he runs an honest and ethical company with quality products without the use of fillers and states "our capsules contain only active natural herbs and extracts with a proven background in scientific research."

He further states "Because we offer the lowest priced cycloastragenol based capsules in the world at a high quality level, we are having the last laugh and our worldwide sales are now growing exponentially amongst resellers that include wellness centres , doctors and other medical professionals worldwide. We have also recently been approached by some large funding interests who are interested in buying a controlling interest in my company. We also have a dormant British PLC ready to launch if and when this happens. I am reserving judgement until all the latest new products and exponential growth shows consistent returns."

He says that he "hates to see buyers making judgements based purely on "bucket" prices instead of overall value and I am saddened when I see them being taken advantage of by unscrupulous sellers, but fortunately many of the buyers who previously got lured away by the Chinese competition are now returning to us and we have even been selling our products to resellers in Asia, including China."

Tony Mackenzie announces that he will soon be launching a new potent telomere lengthening transdermal spray together with home saliva test kits for measuring telomere lengths and biological aging at the cellular level.

25th October 2011

1888PressRelease Further information Tony Mackenzie +44(0)1293-565813
The Mackenzie Protocol


Fledgeling company is 1st in Britain to offer new scientifically supported anti-aging herbal extract

British entrepreneur, Tony Mackenzie, has just received a certificate of achievment signed by multi-millionaire Donald Trump jnr., for his achievments and tenacity in investing years of study into the burgeoning field of anti aging research  

Tony Mackenzie is also a member of the "300 Club" an exclusive worldwide group of members of the Methuselah Foundation.

Anti-aging is a field of research which, unknown to millions of people, is now a serious scientific discipline which has recently made outstanding discoveries after decades of research at the highest levels of scientific knowledge.

In the USA there are now many qualified doctors who specialise in anti-aging and the effects that natural nutrients have at a cellular level.

Tony owns Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd which is the first British company to produce cycloastragenol capsules and is already distributing them worldwide.

Their cycloastragenol (brand name HTA98) is a rare and high purity natural herb extracted in minuscule quantities from the root of a rare Asian plant which has now been identified by cutting edge scientists in the USA, in the field of anti-aging research, as a telomerase activator.

Telomerase is a an enzyme in the body that supports and maintains telomeres, components of DNA, which have now been identified as an important factor in cell longevity.

The latest scientific findings were supported by the 2009 Nobel prize awarded to three USA scientIsts for their work in this field.

Newly introduced EU rules, under the banner of a worldwide organisation called Codex Alimentarius, favours pharmaceutical companies and their future control of the natural herbal products market place.

To compensate for these new rules the company is currently only able to sell their product to buyers as "non-consumers for research purposes" or under authorisation or control of a medical professional. This is despite the fact that many other natural herbal product sellers are currently still ignoring the new rules.

In due course, Tony is planning to bring qualified medical professionals into a new PLC company that has been formed and to put further funding in place to help overcome the new marketing restrictons as they are fully quantified.

The company offers many links on their website, at www.mackenzieprotocol.com , to independent research by cutting edge scientists for anyone wishing to study this subject in further detail

1888PressRelease 18th January 2012
Further information Tony Mackenzie +44(0)1293-565813
The Mackenzie Protocol


HTA98(TM) Cycloastragenol Telomerase Activator - Pricing Breakthrough

It is now 7 years since the first availability in the west of a cycloastragenol based telomerase activator and now the first British company to offer it are making a price breakthrough for this rare and previously very expensive natural substance.

Medical professionals who specialise in or are involved with the burgeoning field of anti aging will be pleased to know that there is now a second company offering worldwide distribution of high purity Cycloastragenol.

Cycloasragenol has been identified by cutting edge scientists as a telomerase activator.

HTA98™ is being distributed on a world wide basis from the UK by Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd

HTA98™ is a natural non-pharmaceutical product extracted in minuscule quantities from the Astragalus plant and it takes tons of the Astragalus plant to produce a significant amount of Cycloastragenol.

It should, therefore, be noted that supposedly high purity Astragalus being touted by many Asian supplement sellers has no resemblance in effectiveness for telomerase activation as high purity Cycloastragenol which is a considerably more expensive product to extract. Researchers have reported that, because of the minuscule quantities, it is very difficult to find traces of any of the Cycloastragenol within small batches of Astragalus itself.

As a result high purity Cycloastragenol has until recently only been sold to a small number of medical practitioners specialising in the field of anti aging.

Now, HTA98™ is available generally to medical practitioners in single sample bottles or in practitioner packs of 24 or more bottles from around US$100 per bottle.

This represents a breakthrough in pricing since the first US supplier of a branded telomerase activator based on Cycloastragenol introduced their own product and were selling a 12 month supply for tens of thousands of dollars to wealthy clients participating in the early trials which also assessed subsequent measurements of telomere lengths.

Most of the public are totally unaware of the latest research findings by cutting edge scientists in relation to anti ageing developments at the cellular level. The information related to the telomere theory of aging is only just starting to filter through to the medical profession at the mainstream level.

Now Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd are offering this breakthrough pricing at www.hta98.com

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