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98% CYCLOASTRAGENOL made in the UK & sent from the UK

HTA98 Cycloastragenol made in the UK & sent from the UK

Herbal Telomerase Activator 98%

HTA98 Cycloastragenol is a natural herb extracted in minuscule quantities from the root of a rare Asian plant which has now been identified by cutting edge scientists in the field of anti-aging research as a telomerase activator.

new formula now available with no fillers

Now made in and sent from the United Kingdom

HTA98 Minimum order only one bottle sent worldwide from th UK with delivery charges included in the price.

HTA98 IS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE to Internet buyers who confirm they want the product for "research and analysis" when they place an order.

HTA98 (tm) will be available with a telomere length measurement service as soon as we can find a lab service willing to offer this for us.

new formula

Each bottle 30 capsules x 5mg. = £59.99 inc delivery & VAT
Each bottle 30 capsules x 10mg. = £89.99 inc delivery & VAT
Special price for practitioners or resellers buying 12+ bottles

See our anti aging resellers plan at www.21stcenturyalternatives.com

The new formula has no inactive excipients or fillers. The filler in the old formula has now been replaced by organic Astragalus root powder.

Non UK/EU buyers are responsible for any import duties or local taxes due in their country

Saliva test kit promotion as advertised

UPDATE 21st January 2014:- End of Saliva test kit promotion.

After purchasing a quantity of saliva test kits from Telome Inc we regret to announce that our proposed arrangement with Telome Inc has had to be cancelled as they are unable to meet our standards of communication and service.

We are currently looking for a similar lab service that can meet our requirements and offer us an alternative.

Until then we are forced to cease this promotion.

HTA98 is still available worldwide to retail and wholesale buyers.



How to order cycloastragenol

Do you want to order now? Simply go to the contact us page and email us with the quantity you require together with the following statement:- "I declare that I am buying HTA98 cycloastragenol capsules as a co-researcher and member of the Mackenzie Protocol Club and that no health or other claims have been made to me about the ingredients other than what I have been able to ascertain from my own independent research. The purchase is being made for research, analysis or for use under the supervision or advice of a qualified medical or scientific professional. The purchase is a non consumer sale for these declared reasons or as a commercial reseller in which case I agree that the products will be sold only under the same terms to subsequent buyers or subsequent resellers."
Then we will send you an online payment request. When we receive your payment we will send your HTA98 to you.

HTA98 ands TeloMe test kits are now immediately available and sent worldwide from our exclusive UK supplier
Advantage Impex Co UK Ltd
United Kingdom

History available at www.mackenzieprotocol.com

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